Hall Of Fame

Hall of Fame 2019

This is a page for runners that have clocked up most miles in 2019 Each year a trophy will be presented to the runner who runs the most miles in one year.


Leading runners .

0Name Distance Km
1Oliver jones65.6
2Helen James65.2
3Gary Barnes62.4
4Jonathan Langford61.2
5Garry Steel57.6
6Huafu Wang56.8
7Helen Leach55.6
8Adam Foster55.6
9Kirsty Jones51.6
10Mathew Stuckey50.4
11Stuart Mclaughlin48.4
12Liam Ahern47.6
13Sean Lester47.6
14Paul Owen47.2
15Abigail Gooch42.8
16Tony Daglish42.4
17Chris Bozier42.4
18Jason Donovan42.4
19Kerry Cooper42.4
20Dean Longman42.4
21Jonathan Clements42.4
22Bruce Mehew42.4
23Paul Barton42.4
24Rebecca Fleckney42.4
25Andy Hoddle42.4
26Shaun Busby42
27Charles Dicks41.2
28Graham Clark39.2
29Robbie Dolan38
30Jack Rivers36.8
31Patricia Dicks34
32Rob Davey33.2
33Sharon Mcshane31.6