Closing Date for entries.

When places have sold out.

If any places left you can sign up on the day but please let us know before Thursday 21st to avoid traveling  and no place being available.


Does this challenge count on 100 Marathon Club ?

yes they do.

Is there parking on site?

Runners and helpers can park in the car park.

What facilities will be provided?

There will be a well stock  feed station with Isotonic drink, water and snacks.

There are also toilets in the men’s and women’s changing rooms.

There also will be a café open to buy hot drinks.

There will be trained first aiders.

Will we be changing direction?

Yes,  you will change after 3 hours when a cone will be placed and you will change direction.

How will I know how far I have gone?

You will be provided with a ‘chip’ which will record your laps and distance. Every hour your distance will be shown on the leader board at the side of the track.

What about the wearing of number & timing chip

You will be given number & timing chip,  number to be worn on the front .

Can I stop at anytime.

Yes you can stop at anytime in the 6 hours , but you must ring out and give chip back.

You also can take a break if you need  to and return to the challenge.

What happens if I am in the middle of a lap when the 6 hours finish ?

You will be allowed to finish the lap your on.

Are there mementos for taking part?

Yes, every competitor will receive a  trophy & a goodie bag.

What do the winners get?

There will be Trophies for 1st,2nd,3rd Male & 1st 2nd 3rd Female

If I have a complaint who do I take it to?

To the race Director